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We are all experiencing powerful and unsettling feelings about the state of our world so here is a way to maybe release the tension.

Beautiful Materials BIG WAVE for new ideas and energy

What would you do if you had the time, freedom and a studio space to develop ideas? Are we brave enough to challenge ourselves and produce them? Beautiful Materials design studio is opening its studio in Glasgow to three people from Nov 2019 - Feb 2020, for a period of 10 days per person. This time at Beautiful Materials will be supportive and inspiring, so that each person can have the time to concentrate and develop their ideas. No ideas are too big or too small.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to Scotland-based, Designers, Landscape Architects and Architects. The applications will be assessed on the applicant’s past accomplishments; a brief outline of how they would use their 10 days in the studio; and their reason for applying to BIG WAVE.

OFFER: Access to Beautiful Materials design studio with support from artist and designer Nicola Atkinson of Beautiful Materials. A bursary for travel and food subsistence is available.

OUTCOME: Beautiful Materials will gather the energy generated and share the ideas of each participant.

TIMEFRAME: 10 days to be broken up over the period Nov 2019 – Feb 2020

DEADLINE: 10 Oct 2019, 10pm

SUCCESSFUL: To be notified on 17 Oct 2019

Please send to studio@beautifulmaterials.co

Beautiful Materials design studio is committed to enabling research, and supporting the development of new projects, opportunities and partnerships. Beautiful Materials design studio is founded by Nicola Atkinson, artist and entrepreneur. The design studio is committed to the delivery of well-conceived and sustainable objects for a lifetime of use.

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